Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Oh hey, It's been a while. What's your BBM pin?"

So I have accepted the strange reality that I am the only person in the universe who does not have a Blackberry. At this point, I'm convinced that if there is extra- terrestrial life out there, it probably uses the Blackberry too. I have been adamant to remain a counter-revolutionist in the revolution of the BB but it seems to have lost all practicality at this point in time as it seems that there is an entire universe that I am not allowed to enter with my Nokia.

There are a number of reasons why I have been sure that I would never participate in the consumerism of this gadget. Firstly, I actually like human interaction. As in actual people, flesh, skin and bone. It's always weirded me out when I am sitting with someone but they seem to be more interested in the people inside their phones than the people who are actually physically there with them (WTF?). Where their responses becomes limited to the absent minded "uh-huh" that's followed by a random outburst of "Oh Em Gee, you will not believe what this guy just BBMed me!" ( BBMed? How has that become a verb?!).

Also, what I found absolutely scary is the constant beeping!. Never have I seen a gadget that beeps so much in my life before. So I questioned my friend and colleague Jelly (the number one 'Crackberry' addict who I am convince has had her phone surgically sewn on to her hand). She told me that if you do set up a Blackberry Mobile account you are ALWAYS LOGGED ON plus you get all your social feeds. Excuse me?! Why would I want to be always logged on to any chat application? That's scary bordering on all the apocalyptic things that you hear of in the book of Revelations. *getting the heeby jeebies*

I surrender though... No one wants to chat via text any more. People hate my late responses to my emails and Facebook inbox. Sometime vital information is delayed by a day or two because "You didn't know about the exhibition? I know I BBMed it...". Everyone insists that it is cheaper as well.

I fail dismally at managing my simple Nokia, which sometimes rings and beeps unattended for a full day. I wonder how I will survive this gadget but be advised, I am coming on board.

Lord help us all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Rooftop

I was missing lady Khula so much today and I bumped into a school project of hers that  she woke me up for one morning. She's probably the only person who can convince me to come back from work, sleep for two
 hours and wear red lip stick for a camera.

I don't think it's appropriate to use anyone's work without their permission so I can just use one picture. My pictures are everywhere! Someone takes a snap from time to time but lord knows what happens to my poses and pouts... hehehehehe!

Those magum'gedlelas (platform heels) belong to Khula's granma. Istayela is eternal.

Just been caught up by the grind, I still love thee blog

We were once warriors instead of worriers. Ones who would march forth and free with minimum thought to consequence. Then again, consequences were not were not what they are today. Dirty All Star sneakers and Mohawks have been replaced by the Mainland’s definition of presentable. Mainland ignores the fact that sneakers do not determine one’s IQ and ability.
Calculation has eliminated impulse. We who were once against any form of oppression have become blind to the thin line between cautiousness and self imprisonment. Freedom to act out one’s desires has been renamed recklessness. Survival requires restriction and discipline. Mistakes are priviledges. The Black Label drinking black sheep is extinct. Now exist a new breed that that rocks black suits and drinks anti – depressants. Today’s version of the 6 to 6  involves computer screens and company policies. Innocence and naivety is missed. Not much can be done I suppose... Than make the best of the memories and hope not to lose one’s self.   

*I am fucking tired of the 9-5!*   

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Shaun Ross, I would definitely be all up in that! 

I'm really liking on Deandre Forrest. She's amazing! Her lips, bone structure, her eyes and how she just totally brings it. The thing is, every time I look her up, she's the albino model. Some articles don't even refer to her by name. I wonder what that must be like? Say for instance if I was a professional model and since I'm anaemic, I'd then be referred to as the 'anaemic model'. I know being anaemic is not visible on a person but it's also a condition like albinism is.

It's not as if Deandre and Shaun don't have the qualities of great models, but all the focus is on their skin condition. As if they should get an extra pat on the back for being awesome and albino at the same time. I mean what the fuck? It takes me back to the same mentality of the hype around Naomi Campbell for being a great model and being black. In principle, is it not the same?

I'm sure they are making a killing though... After Deandre featured in the Kanye West music video (Power) she's become a household name. Shaun is on Katy Perry video E.T ( Katy for some reason thinks albinos are aliens..gawd!). On the flip side, it's great that a medical condition that has been misunderstood, feared and ridden with myth is finally allowed for the beauty to be seen in those who have it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Post apocalyptic vampire slaying meets sci-fiction meets a good story line,great stunts, fallen good guy turned day walker and a moral massage for those who chose to decipher ish... Priest is one of the greatest vampire movies I've seen in the longest time!

The artistic merger between Paul Bettany and Director Scott Charles Stewart impresses even better than when they got together in Legion. Plus it's star packed with blood-dripping-ass-kicking eye candy ( Cam Gigandet, Karl Urban, Maggie Q in tight leather bits dishing out spinning kicks? What?!)

It's a must see!

Plus they've developed a game for it too.


Please, no sequel. Please!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wish I could lose my virginity to Betsy Johnson.

I've never worn heels before other than a hideous gold pair that I wore at my mother's wedding when I was 12 which were swapped for a pair Jack Purcells as soon as the wedding photos were taken.
I've been looking around seeing what I would like and trying to figure out what my kind of heel is. I know I like prints and that for some reason I am drawn towards the longest inched heels. Maybe it's my little rebellion for all those times someone had said I was too tall to wear heels until at some point I was convinced that it must be true.

I will probably end up in a pair similar to these.These are by Betsy Johnson and I love them! I love the prints, bows, frills, lace and playful details. I would work these for sure!

I hope I find a similar pair locally and learn how to walk in them without looking like I'm walking on stilts.

Let the tall get taller.